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Get Ready to Fly, preparing your soul to soar, personal development guru; Pam Ross delivers powerful strategies to prepare you for the success you've been working so hard to achieve. Using the Federal Aviation Administration's preflight instructions, Pam shows you how to level up your life without losing your sanity. 

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In this Personal Flight Guide, Pam Ross brings you the life application for the book, Get Ready to Fly, preparing your soul to soar. Through a series of questions, Pam coaches the reader in doing the deep work required to ensure a safe departure into the life of our dreams.

Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson III
Global Senior Leader

"Pam Ross has a transformative ability to help people, willing to learn, adjust their present for the safeguarding of their future. In her newest book, “Get Ready to Fly,” she expertly empowers the reader to liberate themselves to soar into the future God designed for their life."

Hart Ramsey Endorsement Pic.jpeg
Pastor Hart Ramsey

"In her compelling new book, Dr. Ross decodes the journey of success, in an uncomplicated, yet deeply captivating language."

Bidemi Mark- Mordi- Pic.jpg
Bidemi Mark-Mordi
Pastor & Life Coach

This book is a must have and must hand-down even to coming generations. We all can fly but flying well is what's most profiting."

RAII & Whitney Press Photo 09_20.jpg
Raii & Whitney
Singers, Songwriters, Producers, and Coaches

"The context and content of this book are relevant, captivating, and easily applicable. We love the way Pam uses the flight metaphor to explore the steps needed to soar high and soar well!"

David S. Winston.JPG
David S. Winston
Youth Pastor, Director, and Founder

“Get Ready to Fly” is yet another extension of her natural passion, helping, and healing people. This book will take you on a journey that not only causes you to face your limitations but gives you the strategies to dismantle them."

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8 Traits of a Healthy Church - Download Image.png

Want to assess the health of your church? This resource is exactly what you've been looking for. Let's learn more about just how healthy you are!

The Force of Joy- 30 Day Devotional.png

30 Days of Joyful Meditation is the next step to your joy becoming unstoppable. Meditate on what God is saying to you about regaining, enriching or expanding your joy. READ IT. WEAR IT. SHARE IT. 

Counterintuitive Dating Image.png

This is a set of guidelines to bring dating out of mysterious darkness into the marvelous light. The hope is that these gentle, yet powerful concepts will help single Christian women lighten up, be themselves and enjoy meeting new people.

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Wheels Up Journal Image.png

Record your thoughts and release your creativity with the Wheels Up Journal.  This journal is customized with motivational quotes from Pam to help you navigate your journey to soaring. 

Serving Leading and Loving.jpg

Serving, Leading and Loving is a survival guide for Kingdom leaders. It equips you as a leader with the tools to navigate the course of leadership with confidence as you grow and expand God's Kingdom. 

The Force of Joy Book.png

The Force of Joy pushes believers to power through and overcome the stress and anxiety we all face each day. Every believer has it. Learn to activate it and you will become unstoppable!

Serving Leading and Loving Book

Now with the addition of the Serving, Leading and Loving, Personal Development Guide, leaders and teams can implement the principles of the book for maximum impact and sustained growth. 

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