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Dr. Pam Ross

The Culturalist, Author and Development Coach

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Dr. Pam Ross is an inspirational activist with a powerful ability to identify and activate the genius in others. She is a multiplier that has led hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals to dramatically increase their personal leadership and team-building ability. She specializes in helping leaders redefine success and achieve their goals.


With 20 years of experience, Pam continues to use innovative forms of media to reach a global audience with her dynamic message of serving, leading, and loving. She is the author of countless books, as well as guides, e-books, and journals. Pam is the host of The Culturalist Conversations, Conversations with Pam Ross podcast.


Dr. Pam is the president and lead trainer of Kingdom Leadership Development, a non-profit training and consulting organization. She is also an international authority in the field of development with a progressive focus on organizational health, culture, and engagement for a network of over 50 organizations.


Even with her countless accomplishments and national awards, Dr. Pam considers her greatest achievements to be successfully raising three incredibly talented daughters, Imani, Nia, and Zoe.

“Our greatest wealth is found in people who find the courage to discover and embrace who they really are.”


Dr. Pam Ross's Media Kit

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