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Kingdom Customer Service

In the Kingdom of God, customer service  is about opening doors, giving access and building bridges within the local church.   Participants learn best practices for connecting people to God and to each other.

(Church growth, Volunteer Development)

Schedule this training if…

  • People come to the Lead Pastor for anything other than pastoral care.

  • You want to introduce excellence and honor as a standard in people interactions

  • Your volunteer numbers are less than 50% of your congregation.

Training Icon - Emotionally Healthy.png

Emotionally Healthy Leadership 

Effective leadership requires emotional stability. I call it having a leadership gut! In this training, leaders understand how to healthily manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in response to a variety of external and internal stimuli.  

(Staff/Leadership Refinement, Volunteer Development)

Schedule this training if…

  • Your leaders are vomiting up their emotions!

  • Your organization is entering rough waters and seasickness is likely. 

  • You are expecting rapid growth or elevation.

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